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Saturday, October 30, 2004

Freelancers Work Manager

Any other online business persons out there use freelancers for work? If you do you've surely found that it can be a good and cheap alternative if you find the good freelancers or completely the opposite and can be a complete nightmare if you choose the wrong ones.
The advantages of using freelancers are obvious and the inconvenience also which includes not being able to actually know if your freelancers are working the hours they say they've worked, bad communication especially if the time difference is large.
I've been using freelancers for a while now and so has my partner from the UK and we decided to try to alleviate some of these inconveniences of hiring freelance workers and be left with only the positive aspects.
So we've decided to develop an application that will monitor effectively freelancers as well as improve communication drastically. We wanted something that would give the feeling that the freelancer is working right next to you. The application is nearly done now and will include the following features. We're very excited to start using this system.

-Keystroke monitoring of your freelancers during their hours of work. If you pay them, wouldn't it be nice to know that they're actually doing the work they say they are instead of writting love notes to their girlfriend or boyfriend. Of course if they wish to stop being monitered, they can simply log off. This ensures that the freelancers are only paid for the hours they've worked.

-Live Webcam chat with your freelancer. You can see and chat with your freelancers anytime they are logged on to work.

-Monitoring of hours worked, amounts of money for the hours they have worked that is owed to each freelancers as well as which amounts have been paid. Everything is also stored in a database for viewing anytime.

Thursday, October 28, 2004

Blog Design

Hey... Just made this design and logo. Too lazy to write anything else and enough time spent on a damn blog for today.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Ashlee Simpson has the honor of being my first blog entry :)

I don't know what's worse... her getting caught lip synching (see: ) or her pathetic excuse for doing it (see: ).

It's obvious that her or any other artist doing this don't give a rat's ass about their fans. They just want their money without actually giving them what they paid for... if you pay for an expensive ticket to see your favorite artist signing and she lip-synchs, it's a fraud. That's how I see it; they're defrauding their fans... the very people that made them rich.

I think that downloading songs of artists that are caught lip-synching should be free and encouraged since they are obviously getting paid too much :)