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Friday, June 30, 2006

150 Free BE credits Winner

Executive Pajamas wins the 150 free blog explosion credits! Yeah! Congrats!

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Google Checkout is Live!

Anyone been following this? I've just checked and their service is live. I think this has the potential to seriously begin some drastic changes on the web, it's about time paypal has a significant rival... somehow the others that tried like paystorm and other similars have fallen a bit short and paypal reamains king. I've had alot of bad experience with Paypal and just recently received my settlement from class action lawsuit, 3 years after the process began.
It would be very nice to see a share of eBay's monopoly go to google, I think it will improve things for eveyrone. eBay's ever increasing fees make it hard to turn a profit and since they own paypal for a few years now, it can't be good for anyone if you ask me. I'd like to see more competitors in the world of payment processing and auctions.

Ebay / Paypal is SCARED! GOOD, they ought to be!
EDIT: I guess I'm not the only one who thinks this will bring major change... an eBay employee talks trash about Google's new service then deletes the post! Click here to see it.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Free Business Cards

Every business needs business cards, even if it's your personal blog, when you need to give someone your URL, it's alot easier and professional to just hand out your business cards. I personally use this site for my business cards, they are high quality full color business cards and you get 250 for free and you only have to pay the shipping. Great deal, 250 full color business cards costs alot, definately worth paying the shipping to get these.
FREE Business Cards! Click here.
PS-Still room for 3 entries into the draw for 150 BlogExplosion credits.

Monday, June 26, 2006

FREE 150 Credits to Blog Explosion!

Crazy Franco is offering 150 credit to Blog Explosion today. Post a comment in this post to participate. Enter your blog explosion username also so I can transfer the credits. Someone will be chosen radomnly when there are 5 comments. For those who don't know what BlogExplosion is, it's a traffic exchange program for blogs, you visit other people's blogs and earn credits redeamable for visits to your blog by other users :). If you prefer you can also purchase credits instead of visiting other sites or you can just post a comment here and win 150 credits !
PS... the Free year of hosting is still up for grabs below! First one to post the comment gets it!

Sunday, June 25, 2006

FREE hosting for a year!

Alright, since I'm currently getting a brand spanking new server that just will plain rock, I've decided to share it.
Dual Xeon 2.4 Ghz processors, Two 200GB HD with RAID setup, 1GB Ram and many more goodies, I've decided to give a way some free hosting on it as the first giveaway.
By the way, the server is located with one of the largest, most reliable data center management company in the world, The Planet so this isn't some cheap hosting you see on ebay for 1.00$ for a year :). Also, the RAID setup means that your data is secure and if anything should happen like a hard disk failure, downtime will be minimized to a few minutes as everything is mirrored in real time on the second HD.

The GiveAway
Alright, I will give 500MB of space and 5 GB of banwith per month at no cost for a full YEAR! to anyone who asks first by posting a comment in this post! No adult / illegal sites. All you have to do is ask! The hosting control panel is Cpanel with Fantastico.

UPDATE: Andy h gets the free year hosting just for asking! Stay tuned for more hosting giveaways in the future. In the meantime if any of you reading this need hosting, contact me and we'll get you on a great deal for my blogging buddies :)

Check back tomorrow for more free stuff!

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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Free stuff

I've decided to cancel the blog I started and never continued, for free business stuff... instead I will try to post here, free stuff either things I can offer through my contacts/companies, things I have resell/give away rights to or things I find that are worth it. So bookmark this page and check back often, when I post something for download, it will probably only be available until the next free download is posted, to keep from people abusing my bandwith.. so yeah you'll have to get them while they're hot.
Should be fun, I hope people will link to this blog so their visitors can get free stuff too.

About time!

It is isn't? I've neglected this blog... I could give you a ton of excuses like I've been super busy, etc etc, which would all be true but the the real truth is that there is no excuse for letting down any readers that might have been visiting this blog.
I will make an honnest effort never to let this happen again.
As a matter of update on the chitika post... Welll the verdict is out and it's a big two thumbs DOWN. I am very disapointed in the results of using chitika.... where adwords makes around 100$.. chitika hasn't even made $1.00 for the same exposure! The CTR (click through rate) these ads receive is nothing short of pathetic. Perhaps they would be better suited in a blog or website whose visitors are more intersted in the types of products offered but for my blogs/website they are a big no no... they are wasting space.
I've removed them from my other blog and will remove it from this one following this post.
I've heard YPN (yahoo's equivalent to adwords) is very good and pays more than google. I'd sure like to give them a try however I am from Canada and they only accept select publishers from the US at the moment. If you're from the US, however, go ahead and let me know how it works out.