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Friday, July 27, 2007

What's keeping me busy these days.

Hello everyone! I once again stand before you apologetic for the lack of updates :) ...I am getting busier by the minute...

One project that has been keeping me very busy is one where I am managing all the technical support and development. It's an exciting Blogging / CMS solution for non-techies to launch and manage fully-fledged Web 2.0 presence. I say that it's for non-techies but really, it's so powerful that everyone should be using it... I know I will be using it myself to build some ideas that I am working on in the background.

Sure I'm biased but you don't have to take my word for it, you can see all the other raving testimonial this product is getting from not-so-biased people :) ... the service is still in beta launch and there is a $1 - 30 days trial going on right now for the first 500 users ONLY... the spots are filling up fast... those of you looking for the next big thing to build your web presence need to do yourselves a favor and invest the $1.00 ... take it from your free logo guy, I promise you will NOT regret it. And hey, once you signup, send an email to the technical support to say hi :).

I promise to finish those articles for the series on the various ways to make money online as soon as I have a few days to myself... that has been a very long time, so long I don't remember it.