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Monday, September 10, 2007

Prepare your field for rain

Recently, I watched a movie that was very inspiring, the name was "Facing the Giants", it was a football movie but it was a lot more a movie about life.
In one part of the movie, the football coach to a continuously loosing team, was going bald, just learned that he was infertile, his car broke down, his stove at home stopped working and he just heard that the school was pushing to get rid of him as football coach because of his loosing streak over the 6 years he had been coach.
Then he got approached by a religious fellow who was always praying for the children in the school hallways, and he admitted his problems and the fellow told him a story about two farmers who were praying for rain on extremely dry summer, both farmers were praying every day for a good rain but only one of the farmers expected god to give him rain sooner or later and prepared his fields to accept rain when it finally rained, who do you think the rain helped?
Whether you're religious or not, the moral of the story is that praying or wishing for things does nothing if it's not followed by action. Luck will come your way sooner or later but are you prepared for it?
I recommend watching the movie just for the motivational boost it gives, very inspirational story about what can be achieved by underdogs when they give their absolute best and give everything they have and then some towards their goal.

So ask yourself... are you prepared for rain? Do everything you can to prepare your fields today because the rain could come any second, without warning.