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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Happy Holidays & New Year!

Friday, December 15, 2006

Expert On PPC issues

Here's an interesting interview with a PayPerClick Expert.
There is one point that is interesting which his opinion on the issue of click fraud. According to him, it's better to just let it happen. I kind of disagree with that, I would say it depends how much you are spending on PPC ads and what % of clicks are fraudulent, then if you can justify spending money to prove the click fraud because the cost to do so is alot less than the cost of the click fraud, then I say it makes good business sense to prove it and get the advertiser to refund for the fraudulent clicks.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Community & Entertainment Websites

We're all hearing more and more about these "content" sites wheter it's Community-driven sites or Entertainment sites or a combination of both. Blogs (although more like personal journal sometimes, it's still the community it creates that makes it succesful ) or community Forums could be in the "Community-driven" section and other sites like video sharing sites or other user-generated content sites like funny picture / jokes sites could be in the "entertainment" category. Increasingly however, these two categories are merged, like Myspace to become a little bit of both.
So why are they so popular? I think it's because people just like to come togheter, feel part of a group (community), they like to share experiences, give their opinions, critique others and they also just like to have a good laugh. It's simple really and those sites that are growing like crazy and being sold for billions truly have found the internet's pot of gold.
In my opinion content sites are much less of a hassle to run. Since they don't offer any paid service or products for sale (I'm talking about their core-business, some of them still offer "premium accounts" or products)... they don't have customers to deal with. Not having to deal with customers means that you can focus on making your free service continuously better and reliable for your visitors.
I am hearing almost everyweek of sites being sold for riddiculous amounts of money and most of them are content-based websites.
Makes you think. If you ever wanted to start an online business I would seriously consider starting a content websites. Who knows, you might create the next billion dollar idea. Sometimes they are right in front of you. What's so special about youtube? Any decent programmer could create a site like this pretty easily and the idea is nothing complicated, they just made it easier to use and focused on what people wanted.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Amazing Graphic GOD

This guy is simply amazing.... and because the video is speeded up, it just makes it cool... I have to share it with you guys...

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Monitor your Google Page Rank (PR)

Found this website for those who have many URLs... it monitors your google Pagerank... I'm always curious to check my PRs on my sites whenever google does an update, this service alerts you whenever you PR changes... cool little tool... check it out here.