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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Little Joke for you

While reading a business book on negotiation, the author told a joke I would like to share with you :) It was done to illustrate how we can wrongly perceive perceive people sometimes and it's important to realize that your impressions of a persons are not always correct and that to be successfull in negotiation, you have to realize that when in negotiation with someone, you are really doing so with 3 personalities; a) the person others perceive him to be b) the person he perceives himself as being c) the person he really is.
Anyhow.. here's the joke to illustrate that :)

A guy gets a flat tire and stops to put his spare on... he notices he's stopped in front of a mental institution and there is a patient observing him from inside change his tire.
Guy proceeds by taking off the bolts and places them in the hubcap, carefully to make sure he doesn't missplace any of the bolts, he goes to grab his spare tire in the trunk and just as he does, a car zooms by at high speed and causes the hub cap to tip over and the bolts go flying everywhere. AS much as the guy looks for them, he can't find a single one... so he's standing there on the side of the road wondering what the hell he is going to do.
Then the mental patient that was obsverving him taps on the glass and signals to come near.... The mental patient suggests to the guy a solution "Why not take one bolt from each of your other 3 wheels and put them on the spare tire, that should be good enough so you can drive to the nearest car shop and buy some bolts"... The guy replies "Wow, that's an excellent idea, thanks!" but with a puzzled look on his face. The mental patient replies to him "Well if you like the idea, why the expression on your face?". The guy says "Well you're the one locked up in a mental instution and yet you're give ME advice".
The mental patient replies " I may be CRAZY, but I'm not an IDIOT!".


Very Nice Webmaster / online business forums

I have to share this find with my fellow bloggers. I just found this forum today but it is very busy, with plenty of online goodies... seems like a very nice community to make online business contacts... I suggest everyone checks it out and bookmarks it. My username there is "Frankster"... I was greeted with opened arms on my first day.

Check it out, click here.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Usefull tool for your website / blog performance analysis

First, apologies for the real lack of post... I will try and get this blog going again with more regular content.

If you own a site / blog, knowing the behavior of your visitors is vital to success. It allows you to optimize to meet what your visitors are expecting from your site. By analyzing where they are coming from and the behavior once they are on your site, you are able to better optimize your site to increase visitors retention & sales!

Here is a great site that offers a simple to implement solution that is free for up to 5,000 visitors per month. Check Out Crazy Egg today.

Thanks to Jp from ABB who I stole this tip from :)