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Sunday, July 10, 2005

What's taking up all my time

I think it's time I reveal what is taking up all my time. Some might find it obvious however with the big animated ad in the in corner there :).
First allow me to tell a little story... the story of my e-commerce road. First of all, I've always been interested in doing business on the web and started even before I had a computer to design web pages at the community internet access center.
My first transaction on the web however came in the form of buying a website on ebay that sold traffic. I was appaled the following day when I saw the same website with a different name being sold on ebay again and with lots of bids. It was obvious the seller was going to start just duplicating the websites on different domain names and selling them!
I managed to contact the highest bidder of that auction and offered him to buy my site, which was the original instead of encouraging that seller to sell dupicates. I made 100$ profit on the sale and that got me hooked.
From then on I was establishing different types of websites that offered different types of services and products for sale and sold the turn-key businesses on eBay just like I had bought myself. It was working very well. At the time I was also still selling traffic and had a few large buyers that made me a nice revenue. I got some very good contacts in those early days of e-commerce which I still keep up to date with today.
After a while however, I realized that building businesses and selling them to clients and telling this client "look, here is the supplier, go to this company and they will drop-ship the item for you" (Drop-ship for those of you who don't know means the supplier ships directly to the end-user so there is no inventory to hold by the retailer, saving time and money!). I realized it wasn't a very good business model, I was basically working very hard to put businesses togheter only to make a small profit selling them off.
That's when I had the idea to BECOME the wholesaler. The rest is history since the initial night I cooked up the initial draft for the business I have been working on this business for 4 years now and it's went through alot of stages and I can FINALLY say after thousand of hours of work and thousands of dollars in development that it is ready to grow as much as fate will take it.
The website is called and we're wholesale drop shippers.
Because of my roots in e-commerce, the business's mission is not only to be a supplier but to really be a partner to the members. We will setup a complete e-commerce system for them and basically really go above and beyond what would be expected from traditional suppliers.
It's really an amazing system and if any of you are reading this are interested in having their own online e-commerce system or you want to sell products online on your own site or auctions or however... check it out and get ready to experience customer service like you've never experienced it before and a state of the art infrastructure to really help you make it in online business.
I've got my amazing programmer, Bob S. to thank for 98% of the development of this business, without him alot of this wouldn't have been possible or at least wouldn't have been all that it is today.
We're set to grow exponentialy in the next months. We're a small dynamic team that will grow in the future.
Thanks to the team
Bob S. (Programmer)
Nick K (International Relations)
Rick E. & Alexandra D. (Content management)
Bruno F. (Customer service)
Also thanks to every free lancer who helped the design and scripting of the websites.

Saturday, July 09, 2005

A few months later...

Yes, I'm not very good at keeping this updated... but some updates is better than NO updates.
As I read some of my post, I notice the merchant account post/rant :)

I've got to say that Paypal is taking steps to protect the merchants, specially the ones selling intangible goods, latelly. I also feel the need to say that they have a new merchant account service that allows merchant to accept credit cards directly. I've got to say I'm impressed by their efforts since eBay bought them and I might have to give slight recommendations to paypal... although I still believe it's best to have a 2nd or 3rd method of processing billing in case something happens to one... and things DO happen in this crazy world of Internet Commerce.