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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Floating floors are good to catch squirrels

I got awaken today by some rufflling noise, almost like someone snooping around the house... so I follow the noise to a small storage space we have where there are venting holes that connect outside ( I should really put a screen or something to block those holes from unwanted things ). Anyways... I figured it might be a baby cat as there are some running around the house lately. So I grab a bucket and open the door but don't find anything in the storage room, as I go to exit, something catches my eye on the top of the door, frozen as a statue, certainly hopping I wouldn't notice him... a squirrel! So I try to push him in the buket to bring him outside but of course it wouldn't be that easy; turns out he didn't want to go in the bucket... so he jumps on my head instead, then on a shelf then on the ground. Oh man! I think to myself... that's it, he's gonna run around the house and I'm gonna waste my day running after him... but luckily we have floating floors and their little claws don't grips well at all on them :). I had fun seeing him try to run away but only advancing at like 0.5 miles per hour :). It was easy enough then to catch him and bring him outside. Floating floors... great for catching wandering squirrels.


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