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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Need to make money? Sell yourself!

Everyone has something to share and there are people out there that want it. I'm not sure what you were thinking, but I'm talking about selling your knowledge, in writting.
Most people find this hard to believe but making money online (I'm using "online" because that's what I'm best at) can start with the thing you would think of last.
When people first think about making money online, whether it be for extra income or something more, they rack their brains for answers on what to sell when the best place to start is to ask yourself "what do I enjoy doing?" "what am I good at?" "what do I believe in?". Selling something that you know about, are good about and/or truly believe in is the easiest selling you'll ever have to do. In fact, it won't feel like selling at all, it'll come naturally.
The web is a wonderful place that lets crappy writers like me make money with their ideas! Publishing on the web compared to printed format it much easier.
I'll take me as an example. What do I like and are good at? Online business, drop shipping, the wholesale industry, web technologies, web hosting, domain names, chess, keeping in shape. This is just a quick list of things I could write for hours on end without having to do any research or thinking.
EVERYONE has things they can write about and EVERYONE has things to contribute to others who have the same interest. What you take for granted, as what every knows isn't so! Just because you know of something, doesn't mean the rest of the world does. Everyone has a unique perspective on things and each perspective is interesting and worth reading.
Start by making a simple list like I did. Cooking, raising your kids, housekeeping, cricketing, metal detecting, bowling... Whatever! This is list of things you can write on, turn into an ebook and even a printed format (see post below about allowing you to publish a printed book super-easily) and make money with!
I often buy ebooks, reports, lists and other digital media from authors in my line of work... alot of the time, I know 95% of the things their writing about, but I always find a unique angle, trick and a different perspective which makes it worth buying.
You have something to sell. Write about something that comes naturally to you, add a bit of researched data if you want, proof-read it a few times and turn it into a digital ebook.
The biggest mistake you can do is to think that nobody will want to read what you have to say and avoid doing this.
I promise you. Someone WANTS to hear what you have to say about ant farms or raising turkeys :)


Blogger funkysmell said...

Tell me how to make money with this site -


8:37 PM  
Blogger Franco said...

You have the right idea with the adsense ads. You might make money eventualy selling advertisement directly to companies... for that however, you need a steady stream of targeted traffic. Good search engine placements and paid ads. You usually can't make any money without spending some first. So if you've got regularly updated content, you will need to invest in advertising.
One thing I noticed right away when I visited your site is that you don't have a newsletter. You need a way to collect your visitors emails. Very important! imagine all the people coming to your site that forget it, never to come back. Now imagine if you had their email which you could send them the "joke of the day or week... or something like that" with prize draws for contributers of jokes, visitors, etc... this is how you drum up visitors.

5:07 AM  
Blogger hotsirenita said...

So, if for example you have a blog and you want to increase your steady traffic, is it better to concentrate on one topic or write about various things?

4:09 PM  
Blogger Franco said...

You always increase your chances by specializing in one area, so my answer would be yes. Of course the occasional off-topic post shouldn't hurt, just try to keep them to a minimum.
You can always have more than 1 blog of different topics.
By specializing on 1 topic, it'll be alot easier to determin your target audience and if you advertise for you blog, it'll be alot easier to know who to advertize to.
You will also increase your chance of having a regular crowd to your blog if you keep on the topic they are coming to see.

4:14 PM  
Blogger Neutron said... are dead right!!

I have one ebook out at the moment (which hasn't sold yet - but mainly because here in Germany ebooks haven't taken off yet) but I should just get on with all my other projects instead of thinking, "nah!"
Thank you!

2:49 AM  

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